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Welcome to the Aenon Missionary Baptist Church of Rochester, New York. We are a Christ-centered church that practices the teachings of Jesus and the Bible. While fulfilling the Great Commission we also have a vision of impacting humanity through evangelism, education, economics and life empowerment. We pray that you will be led to connect with our church family. The doors of Aenon are wide open and we are waiting to welcome you home.

Rev.Dr. Jonathan Jamel H. McReynolds, Pastor

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Our Vision

  • Evangelism: We are striving to fulfill the Great Commission as stated by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19-20

  • Education: We are striving to enhance the lives of humanity through Christian & secular education, which provides a firm foundation for how we should live out our faith. Furthermore we are striving to expand opportunities for those in humanity through secular education, which has the opportunity to enhance the quality of life for all of humanity.

  • Economics: We are striving to provide economic literacy and education for the expressed purpose of enabling humanity to experience abundant life. We are striving to improve the economic paradigms and praxis of those in our congregation and community.

  • Empowerment: We are striving to provide contemporary and progressive ministries, programs and initiatives that will empower humanity to live empowered lives. Our vision of empowerment strives to promote conservative values and morals, which are consistent with our faith and doctrine to empower the lives of youth, seniors, singles and families consisting of single parents and married families joined in Holy matrimony as outlined in our sacred scriptures and in the Aenon Doctrinal Statement Article XXII-The Sanctity of Marriage.





If you are looking for our livestream we have switched back to Ustream. Please HERE to access it.