How Do You Go About Choosing An Aerial Yoga Hammock?

Have you fallen in love with aerial yoga? Are you looking for a hammock for your personal practice or multiple of them for your studio? If so, then keep reading to learn several factors that should be involved in choosing an aerial yoga hammock.


Length: While most adults can fit into standard aerial yoga hammocks just fine, those who are really tall or short might have issues without some accommodation.


Weight Capacity: Just like camping or backyard hammocks, aerial yoga hammocks are only rated for so much weight. It varies from one model to the next. If you’re buying one for yourself, then it’s easy enough to get one you can fit into, but be realistic about leaving some extra room. A studio might need to consider weight restrictions for aerial classes.


Structural Support: How the hammock is supported has a tremendous impact on your yoga or even how many you can fit in the classroom. Ideally, these hammocks are hung from the ceiling, but only if the home or building they are in can actually support that from the top of the room safely. Sometimes, hammocks have to be strung up from standing contraptions around them, which can feel suffocating in a practice where arms and legs might be sticking out in various poses. It also minimizes how many of them can be placed in a studio while visually jumbling the energy of the room.

Colors/Style: The visual vibe that your yoga room or studio classroom has is essential to helping you or your students unwind and get introspective with their class. Colors and patterns should be somewhat visually engaging and aesthetically pleasing but not overstimulating.


Fabric/Material: The material or fabric that the hammock is made out of should be durable enough to avoid getting ripped, scratched, or torn, but it should also feel great to the touch. A major element of yoga, especially aerial yoga, is being able to unwind and relax, so whatever your hammock is made out of, it should feel awesome to the touch.


Cleanliness: The kind of material or fabric that they are made out of will also impact how easily you can keep them clean. Aerial yoga doesn’t tend to get sweaty and drenched like more active styles of yoga might, particularly without the presence of heaters in the room. However, the material will be making a lot of contact with your skin over time, as mentioned, and so it’ll accumulate a lot of residue and oils from your skin. Many aerial yoga hammocks are detachable so you can simply put them in the washing machine, but not all. Cleaning something with this much surface area by hand isn’t always a quick task, so be realistic about how much you’ll put into your yoga prop hygiene.


Hazard Prevention: Do you have pets or kids in your home? Or do they ever stay? Even if you close the door to your yoga room and tell them to stay out of there, curious minds will find their ways to places that they’re simply not supposed to visit. The risk is low, but it is present, where kids or pets could get tangled up and injure themselves in these things, as they are seriously unlikely to understand their purpose and proper use.


Volume Discounts: If you’re looking for aerial yoga hammocks for a studio you run or just a room you intend to hold classes in, then you’re going to need more than one of them. It’s certainly fair to expect bulk pricing or volume discounts for the more of them that you order. For that matter, you might also want to make sure more will be available in the future in case you ever need to expand or replace some of them. For more information about choosing the best aerial yoga hammock, please visit cbgna aerial yoga


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