Yoga Gear Must Haves

Yoga Gear Must Haves

Yoga is all about breathing and once you have focused on that, the rest is just bending. It does not require any special equipment to participate and for that reason, you can practice it just about anywhere. You will, however, require some accessories to do so.

Just like any other industry, yoga has a plethora of options to choose from in terms of accessories and/or supplies. Making the right choice on what to purchasing has proven to be overwhelming from time to time. This article will help make the whole shopping process a lot easier.

Read on to learn more about what you must have when doing yoga.


Yoga will most definitely make you sweat. Especially if you are into hot yoga. Also, a number of yoga mats are not sticky making it quite easy for you to slip and slide. To reduce the chances of you slipping, get yourself super-absorbent yoga mat towel.


This is the most obvious one and the most important one for a healthy practice. Go for one that is sticky(reduce the risk of slip and slide), sturdy, and durable.


With both your yoga mat and towel, you will clearly have to carry them around and there is no better way to do this than with a yoga bag. The bag is a purse designed for making the carrying process easier and convenient. They come in different shapes and sizes. Choose one that is solidly built which will serve you for years on end.


If you think a yoga bag is too much for you, a yoga strap serves a similar purpose. You can use it to carry your yoga mat. Its design is quite simple and it is ideal for daily use. It prevents the mat from unrolling all over the place.


Yoga blocks are appropriate for home practice and yoga studio alike. They help you reach the full potential of certain positions. Also, they are very useful in prenatal yoga.


This is not to be confused with the one mentioned above. They help you reach certain positions regardless of your flexibility. The strap also helps deepen your stretches.  Here is how to use the yoga strap.


Nothing beats ending your practice under a soft blanket on your couch. Go for the warm and cozy ones.


Since yoga is a workout, comfortability is key and these two will definitely achieve that. Breathable clothes are a must too due to the sweating.

Whether you are new to yoga or a veteran, the above equipment is necessary to practice yoga anywhere and at any time.