Basic Yoga Gear for Beginners

Basic Yoga Gear for Beginners

Are you interested in practicing yoga but are at a loss of where to start? If that’s the case, you should first be assured that the benefits of yoga are priceless and will help you strengthen your body and mind. However, yoga entails more than just posing and breathing; apart from learning the appropriate yoga skills, you’ll need to have the appropriate yoga equipment to get you going. Lucky for you, you won’t be needing much to get started; Here is a list of the essential yoga gear for beginners.

A Yoga Mat

Since you’ll be doing most of your stretching, posing and breathing exercises on the floor, it is essential to have a mat for both comfort and safety. Some postures can be daunting and you may end up hurting yourself if you are holding them on the hard concrete. Therefore, you should go for a stretchy, sturdy and slightly sticky mat to avoid slipping off while stretching.

A Yoga Block

Blocks are a must have tool if you’re to quickly learn how to position yourself. As such, they are useful when aligning your body into certain poses and for maintaining the appropriate postures. Yoga blocks come in varied sizes and material such cork, foam, and wood which provide different textures and grips. Therefore, make sure to purchase a block that you can hold in your hands and whose texture you find amazing. Two blocks are enough to get you started.

A Yoga Towel

Let’s face it, being a sweaty mess is the last thing you’ll want as a yogi. It doesn’t matter the type of yoga you plan to practice, it still counts as workout and will get your body perspiring. Therefore, a towel will help you reduce the sweat and any chances of slipping and sliding. Additionally, your towel can also serve dual purposes as a support while holding certain positions. A beach or bath towel will get you going; you might need more than one depending on how much you sweat.

A Yoga Belt/ Strap

This is an essential addition to your collection since it will help you achieve miles with your posing techniques. Some positions may be difficult to achieve at first and that is where your strap comes in, it will help you to not only to accomplish certain exercises but also deepen the effects of some stretches. As such, you’ll be able to get more out of your yoga in terms of experience and flexibility.

Overall, remember clothing comes before every other aspect of yoga and therefore you’ll need to purchase appropriate yoga pants and a breathable tank top for a flexible workout. You’ll also need a water flask to stay hydrated throughout the session. All in all, with these essential basics will get you grooving.